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This was undeniably one of the greatest psychological drama’s I’ve gotten to see. The film exposes the viewer to the conditions at Juniper Hill, a state mental hospital, which includes overcrowding, controversial treatments, isolation and the incompetence of some staff members. A look at California’s November ballot propositions. Olivia de Havilland in her Oscar winning performance. 0000028762 00000 n Marie Blake Victoria Horne Doro Merande Barbara Pepper, Darryl F. Zanuck Robert Bassler Anatole Litvak, 108 mins   0000003096 00000 n “I sometimes hear people call this hospital a snake pit,” Mays said, “but it isn’t, and I don’t know if it ever was. Both of these techniques humanize the characters in the film which, in another story, could have been reduced to jokes or judged as being crazy. What a performance. Seeing Virginia’s recovery and the film’s portrayal of their struggles in a serious and honest way gave them hope that they would someday be able to recover and go home. 0000003337 00000 n Legal reforms, medical advances and a nationwide trend away from large mental hospitals have combined to turn the Camarillo facility into a short-term care facility. In adapting the novel, Litvak and de Havilland took care to maintain the realism of the source material.

The whole thing starts of a mystery when our leading lady finds herself in a mental institution, not knowing how she got herself there. I’ve always loved this, but I didn’t realize that it is such a great portrayal of mental illness considering it came out in the 1940s. 0000029529 00000 n

Virginia Cunningham is confused upon finding herself in a mental hospital, with no memory of her arrival at the institution. She plays Virginia Cunningham, and we aren't exactly sure why she was committed to this mental hospital at first, but her story slowly comes into focus thanks to a fine screenplay based on the novel by Mary Jane Ward. She did an incredible job portraying a woman losing her grip on reality and struggling to find the reasons for her illness.

0000012827 00000 n What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. Informal a place of horror and confusion, as a crowded mental hospital where patients are improperly cared for …   English World dictionary, snake-pit — snakeˈ pit noun (figurative) 1. IMDb It was adapted from Mary Jane Ward’s 1946 semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. And by then Central State had come to be known as the Snake Pit, the largest mental hospital in the world. After she provides a flimsy excuse for her absence and departure, they pick up where they left off, though she remains evasive and avoids his desire for marriage. Now, instead of being confined for years or for life, patients at Camarillo are hospitalized for an average of only three weeks, then discharged or transferred to local mental health centers or board-and-care facilities.

“Outnumbered” co-host Melissa Francis, who recently filed a pay discrimination complaint against Fox News, is off the air and her status is in doubt. The better a patient gets, the lower the level she is able to achieve. 1. a mental hospital marked by squalor and inhumane or indifferent care for the patients.

Olivia de Havilland was a fighter. And sympathize they did. Movie #303 of 2013 was one I had never heard of before...The Snake Pit. 1948 Occasionally she continued to drop by the cafeteria so they get to know each other. Far from being warehoused, patients are immersed in activities at the hospital, including individual and group therapy, sports and music lessons. Over time, Virginia gains insight and self-understanding, and is able to leave the hospital. De-institutionalization turned far too often into trans-institutional­ization-moving the patient from a snake pit hospital into a dungeon-like prison. The film’s realism hit so close to home on both sides of the pond that it inspired reactions to warn the public about what they would see on screen and to amend laws to better care for real patients. How to vote. GRIFFITH OF. Convicts were cast into a deep pit containing venomous snakes, such as vipers. 0000014570 00000 n About 2,000 employees are on the staff, including 70 psychiatrists, 40 psychologists, 50 social workers and 1,000 nurses and psychiatric technicians. In addition to being a success with audiences, critics, and the Academy Awards, it was claimed by Fox that the film inspired a number of states (possibly up to 26) to pass legislation calling for reforms in patient treatments and procedures meant to treat the mentally ill. At one point, Virginia tries to help another female patient when the nurses stop caring about her.

Enjoy! The As her treatment progresses, flashbacks depict events in Virginia's life that may have contributed to her instability.

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