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Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. Acting drags (cast members pre-reveal jumps), tension dissipates (Morgan, the ghost of a bullied girl, only appears to scream and vanish), high school dialogue is plenty cringy (“Shouldn’t have been such a dick to the goth kids,” Logan Paul – *vomits* – says while clutching satanic scribblings) – all facets of filmmaking are in dire need of a CTRL+ALT+DEL reboot. Since then, Shudder has more than doubled the number of exclusive movies in their library.).

And Shudder offers selections beyond horror, including dark comedies (Heathers), sci-fi (Turbo Kid), dramatic thrillers (Stranger by the Lake), and gangster epics (Drug War). Discover AMC+. Let me make that clear. As someone who can tie Seed of Chucky trailers to countless sleepless nights (not even the “serious” Child’s Play entry), The Wooden Boy does very little to address a much larger issue. First, let me start with a preface. Pornographic Max Headroom animations. All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Nashawati’s film follows Ashraf (Ziad Bakri), an immigrant who’s hired to look after a wealthy family’s walled-in villa. Binge or stream new shows & movies from IFC, Shudder, and Sundance Now. That “A” for effort only gets you so far. Not everyone has the same tastes, so please do try them all. Immediate threats disappear. At the onset, I believed Don’t Grow Up – directed by Goal Of The Dead’s Thierry Poiraud – to be the violent ageist warfare Mom And Dad didn’t dare attempt. Not so much. Unfortunately, Tim Shechmeister’s Can’t Take It Back is anything but a groundbreaking vision – Friend Request, anyone – as the film tries to inject paranormal perplexity into technological freakouts. Affiliate links used when available. A young exorcist fights a demon hiding within his own family. We hope to update this list and maintain it as a living document as time goes on. As is? Mark Proksch embodies a lonely alcohol-lovin’ demon hunter who’s more interested in being friends with Steve Zissis’s client than cleansing his desert vacation home. Actor Clark Freeman is anxiously charismatic in his search for afterlife proof as he solicits the general public for irrefutable evidence. Some have called it the 'gayest horror movie ever made!' Three voices narrate their reactions to Richard Attenborough’s 1978 thriller Magic, but not the film itself – just the trailer. Random Hospital Patient #1 – who never gets his appendix removed as instructed – teams with an attendee and two “mystery” helpers, then it’s a mad dash to safety through repetitive indie horror beats. But his best friend Dommer has a much more sinister plan. The Shudder streaming service is owned and operated by AMC Networks and offers a wide variety of options for subscribers, whether they're looking for 1980s classics, foreign hits, indie gems, new releases, or iconic films that have paved the way. As social media continues to modify the way humans interact, cinema evolves in parallel. When a crew of ghost hunters look to capture poltergeists (and ratings) on a trip to Mexico, they camp out at one of the country's premier haunted houses— and all ghosts break loose. Maybe that’s because two intended segments were left out of Shudder’s release, or maybe just because each short ignores certain building blocks. In this riotous anthology, a video store owner shows a new employee the ropes and the tropes of terror. In 16th Century Korea, the plague has taken over and rumors of a vicious beast begin to spread. Please understand that this is less a listicle and more an appreciation for what Shudder has done and continues to do – give a voice to originality and keep fresh, ambitious storytelling from going the way of the dodo. Why stress about not knowing when so many have experiences to share (fake or real)? The first two segments feel disjointed (“Act Of Faith” and “Jimmy’s End” aren’t easily connected) and skimp on continuity detailing. A masked maniac uses a comic book killer for inspiration in this vicous slasher from Jay Baruchel. Howard Fyvie’s South African outbreak escape is as low-budget-lacking as they come. In this bold new vision of La Llorona, a retired war criminal believes a wrathful supernatural force is targeting him. When couple Aaron and Malik move to a picturesque small town, Malik is convinced their neighbors are up to something sinister. You’d think a documentary on New Zealand’s most successful haunted attraction would have something to say about fear and why patrons would pay to “Code Brown” themselves, but that isn’t Florian Habicht’s intent with Spookers. Shudder doesn't have a terribly large selection of its own original horror-comedies yet, but Deadtectives is a worthy contribution with its satirical look at ghost hunting.

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