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Rooster Teeth More alleged victims have come forward against former Achievement Hunter host Ryan Haywood, with accusations ranging from online solicitation to statutory rape. How long until WarnerMedia just pulls the plug […] Rooster Teeth is getting tons of negative PR from the press in the wake of the Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood scandal. In fact, media outlets are going back to cover other scandals at the company from a year or two ago — including exec Mike Quinn. Adam Kovic was a co-founder and main cast member of Funhaus and Ryan Haywood was a main cast member of Achievement Hunter, both of which operate under the Rooster Teeth brand. Rooster Teeth members Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic have both been dismissed from the video production company after explicit photos they reportedly sent to fans leaked online. Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Geoff Ramsey has issued a response to the accusations of sexual misconduct that have been leveled against him in the wake of the company’s underage grooming scandal involving Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood. Current Rooster Teeth producer and cast member Trevor Collins previously faced accusations of abuse from an ex-girlfriend before he went public with his current partner, Barbara Dunkelman.

Both Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood have been the subject of multiple accusations following a leak of their personal nude photos and other pornographic materials.. Related: Rooster Teeth Drops Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood Following Nude Leaks and Accusations of Grooming Underage Fans Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood have exited Funhaus and Rooster Teeth after explicit photos were leaked online alongside allegations the pair … Rooster Teeth has parted ways with veteran team members Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood after the pair had their respective nude photographs leaked and were accused of sexually grooming underage fans. Since these accusations, Adam has basically deleted all of his social media accounts. Gaming YouTube collective Funhaus, managed by Rooster Teeth, has come under recent scrutiny for the actions of a couple of their employees. Popular gaming network Rooster Teeth has let go of its hosts Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic, known for their Achievement Hunter and Funhaus … Adam and Ryan aren't the first members of Rooster teeth to be involved in allegations of abuse.

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