rebel without a cause planetarium scene analysis

135 0 obj <>stream Rebel Without a Cause has all the fatalistic qualities of a Greek drama combined with the twisted and decadent realism of a Tennessee Williams play. And, even without the mystical appeal of James Dean, there should be those who, out of sheer curiosity will want to see the movie whose title it is the cross of our generation to bear. With James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Jim Backus. The tensions and contradictions that caused censorship concern were made visible on the level of acting – specifically James Dean’s method acting – which exemplified ‘a daily psychic tug of war between personal identity and social identity, or, … individualism and conformity, alienation and patriotism’ (Braudy, 1996: 193). [Country: USA. After having seen his father wearing a flowery apron over his grey-flannel suit, Jim becomes increasingly disillusioned about the possibility of getting help from his father, and assertively kicks in his mother’s portrait when he storms out of the house after an argument in a later scene. Set in suburban Los Angeles, Rebel without a Cause tells the story of an affluent family and their troubled son, Jim, who makes friends at the local high school with equally troubled teenagers, Judy and Plato. Originally released shortly after Dean's untimely death four years ago this movie, more than any other, established him as the acting idol and representative of an entire generation. The suit under Jim’s father’s apron did not suggest a masculine alternative.

On his first day at school, Jim's class pays a visit to a planetarium, which the gang decides to make the scene for a little action. After listening to Jim make a joke meant to impress Judy and her friends, Plato warns him that the group is cliquish. Although “Rebel Without a ause” takes its name from Lindner’s serious book about a psychiatric case study, it took nothing else from Lindner. The film’s conflicts, that is, are very much worked out and suggested on the stylistic level.

Marlon Brando’s The Wild One (1953) popularized juvenile delinquency in films, and Rebel Without a Cause was one of the better movies that dealt with the topic.

I chose to watch it because, honestly, I’ve never seen a James Dean film and I felt like I needed to, and I was very amuse d by Dean’s acting ability. Cast: James Dean (Jim Stark), Natalie Wood (Judy), Sal Mineo (John ‘Plato’ Crawford), Corey Allen (Buzz Gunderson), Edward Platt (Ray Fremick), Jim Backus (Frank Stark), Ann Doran (Carol Stark), William Hopper (Judy’s Father), Rochelle Hudson (Judy’s Mother), Virginia Brissac (Jim’s Grandmother), Marietta Canty (Crawford’s Maid), Dennis Hopper (Goon), Jimmy Baird (Beau).]. The film gestures towards postwar affluence – ‘Don’t I buy you everything you want?’ Jim’s father asks, and Plato’s dad’s contact with his son consists of his generous alimony checks.
J. David Slocum (ed.

In 1955, the same year Rebel without a Cause came out, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit was published, Sloan Wilson’s novel about a Second World War veteran with domestic troubles working for an oppressive and conformist mental-health network. Meanwhile, Jim Stark has managed to make two friends for his cause, Plato (Sal Mineo) and Judy (Natalie Wood). Jim loses the race, but Buzzy loses a lot more when he can't get the door of his car open before it rolls over the cliff. Rebel without a Cause is remarkable for how it mobilises cinematic style to emphasise and draw out the instability of gender and social conventions.

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