rapid strike urshifu moveset

Here's my setup. grasspoisonRegeneratorEffect Spore Coba BerryFocus SashYache BerryMental HerbChilan Berry Occa Berry Eject Button Sitrus Berry Wiki Berry Other SporeRage PowderProtectSludge BombGiga DrainEnergy BallPollen PuffOther, fireIntimidateJustified Flash Fire Sitrus BerryAguav BerrySafety GogglesIapapa BerryAssault VestMago Berry Shuca Berry Choice Band Figy Berry Passho Berry Other SnarlWill-O-WispProtectHeat WaveFlare BlitzFlamethrowerExtreme SpeedSafeguardWild Charge Scorching Sands Helping Hand Other, fightingdarkUnseen FistFocus SashChoice BandBlack Glasses Life Orb Choice Scarf Other Wicked BlowClose CombatSucker PunchDetectProtectPoison JabU-turnIron HeadOther, waterfairyLiquid VoiceTorrentAssault VestLife OrbSitrus Berry Safety Goggles Throat Spray Expert Belt Mystic Water Wave Incense Weakness Policy Choice Specs Choice Scarf Other MoonblastHydro CannonHyper VoiceProtectEnergy BallBlizzardDazzling GleamHydro PumpAqua JetIce Beam Other, fireflyingGale WingsFlame Body Sharp BeakSafety GogglesExpert BeltFocus Sash Charcoal Other TailwindBrave BirdTauntFlare BlitzProtectHeat WaveOverheatHurricaneDual Wingbeat Other, ghostFriskPressure EvioliteOther Trick RoomNight ShadePain SplitAlly SwitchBulldozeHelping HandTauntShadow SneakHazeWill-O-WispOther, electricdragonHustleVolt Absorb Life OrbAssault VestSafety Goggles Weakness Policy Choice Scarf Wide Lens Other Bolt BeakDragon ClawAerial AceProtectHigh HorsepowerStomping TantrumOutrageEarthquake Other, grasssteelIron BarbsAnticipation LeftoversAssault VestOcca Berry Sitrus Berry Other Body PressProtectPower WhipLeech SeedGyro BallIron DefenseKnock OffOther, fairyFriend GuardMagic Guard Cute Charm EvioliteOther Follow MeProtectHelping HandMoonblastSingIcy WindDazzling GleamAfter YouLife Dew Other, fightingwaterUnseen FistFocus SashChoice BandChoice ScarfLife Orb Assault Vest Coba Berry Other Surging StrikesClose CombatAqua JetDetectU-turnThunder PunchProtectIce PunchRock SlideIron Head Poison Jab Other, flyingsteelMirror ArmorPressure Unnerve Lum BerryWeakness PolicySafety Goggles Maranga Berry Rocky Helmet Leftovers Other Brave BirdIron HeadRoostBulk UpBody PressTailwindOther, rockfightingJustifiedFocus SashWeakness PolicyLife OrbLum Berry Assault Vest Choice Band Choice Scarf Other Rock SlideClose CombatProtectTauntEarthquakeIron HeadCoachingSwords DanceStomping Tantrum Other, normalAdaptabilityDownload Analytic Life OrbSilk Scarf Choice Scarf Safety Goggles Lum Berry Other Hyper BeamDark PulseProtectThunderboltNasty PlotTrick RoomShadow Ball Tri Attack Other, darkfairyPranksterFrisk Pickpocket Light ClayBabiri Berry Safety Goggles Roseli Berry Eject Button Expert Belt Mental Herb Wide Lens Focus Sash Other Spirit BreakLight ScreenReflectThunder WaveFake OutTauntFake TearsScary FaceSucker Punch Other, normalflyingDefiantKeen Eye Sheer Force Lum BerryChoice ScarfAssault VestLife Orb Weakness Policy Other Brave BirdClose CombatProtectRock SlideTailwindGiga ImpactIron Head Other, watergroundStorm DrainSticky Hold Sand Force Sitrus BerryRindo BerryLeftovers Life Orb Expert Belt Aguav Berry Other Earth PowerProtectScaldRecoverYawnMuddy WaterIce Beam Other, watericeShell ArmorWater AbsorbHydration Life OrbWeakness PolicyLight ClayOther Hydro PumpProtectFreeze-DryThunderBlizzardPerish SongThunderboltOther, psychicfairyMagic BounceHealer Anticipation Life OrbFocus SashBabiri BerryWeakness Policy Sitrus Berry Other Dazzling GleamTrick RoomMystical FireExpanding ForcePsychicProtectOther, waterdragonStrong JawWater Absorb Choice ScarfChoice BandMystic Water Other Fishious RendPsychic FangsRock SlideCrunchDragon RushOutrageEarthquakeIce Fang Protect Other, fairyPixilateCute Charm Pixie PlateThroat SprayChoice Specs Babiri Berry Sitrus Berry Leftovers Safety Goggles Other Hyper VoiceMystical FireProtectQuick AttackYawnDetectHyper BeamHelping Hand Calm Mind Other, electricwaterLevitateSitrus BerrySafety GogglesLife Orb Rindo Berry Magnet Choice Scarf Chesto Berry Iapapa Berry Other Hydro PumpThunderboltNasty PlotProtectDark PulseAlly Switch Volt Switch Electroweb Other, steeldragonStalwartLight Metal Heavy Metal Assault VestLife OrbWeakness PolicyOther Flash CannonDraco MeteorThunderboltDark PulseProtectBody PressSnarl Dragon Tail Thunder Other, bugfireFlame BodySwarm Focus SashSitrus BerrySafety Goggles Coba Berry Life Orb Passho Berry Aguav Berry Eject Button Charti Berry Choice Specs Wiki Berry Other Heat WaveStruggle BugRage PowderProtectQuiver DanceGiga DrainWill-O-WispBug BuzzString ShotHurricane Other, psychicShadow TagCompetitive Frisk Colbur BerryAguav BerrySitrus BerryFocus Sash Mental Herb Safety Goggles Chilan Berry Wiki Berry Other Fake OutTrick RoomPsychicHelping HandProtectAlly SwitchTauntImprison Expanding Force Heal Pulse Other, fireflyingSolar PowerBlazeLife OrbChoice ScarfLum Berry Charti Berry Assault Vest Passho Berry Safety Goggles Weakness Policy Other Heat WaveProtectScorching SandsAir SlashSolar BeamHurricaneBlast BurnAncient PowerOther.

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