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It is the most popular ship for Yura and the second most popular for Rachel on AO3. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

I webcomic, infatti, sono una realtà che sta diventando sempre più popolare in tutto il mondo, complice anche siti come Line che raccolgono legalmente e finanziano gli autori per continuare i loro progetti. She seems really misguided and petty. Yura's dedication to Rachel is seen again and again throughout the series, as she uses her strengths to aid her. The anime was a hit for sure in the west atleast and did enough [1/3] pic.twitter.com/QrQIZUnQe6, EVERYEYE.it © 2001-2020HIDEDESIGN S.n.c. Without her, I would not be able to protect my business or intellectual property in a way that I can be sure will stand up in court.

Related: 25th bam tower of god digital illustration digital painting artwork 25th bam tower of god digital illustration digital painting artwork < > Their personalities are also somewhat similar, since both are the cold and determined-type on the inside. Se ciò vi sembra strano, in realtà una sorte analoga sta toccando a Dragon Ball Super 2. Toei Animation, infatti, pare ritardare l'annuncio del sequel proprio perché il franchise continua a macinare numeri da record senza alcun bisogno di spendere soldi preventivamente per mettere in un produzione una nuova serie. Something that I just realized about Khun is that while in the first season of Tower of God, there are several parallels between him and Bam, in later seasons there are more parallels between him and Rachel.

exciting stuff. Character Best Friends/Allies

Ik tht sounds a bit crooked or wicked, but to be able to survive so far into the tower w/o being exceptionally skilled/talented as the rest of the peers she knows(namely our protagonist line up + ha yura) is an all men for himself situation. Femslash. They’re actually pretty similar; they’re lightbearers, they don’t rely on any special powers, they’re smart and fairly manipulative. Fans started shipping them the moment Yura was introduced in the webtoon due to her fondness for Rachel and betraying her own family to climb the tower with Rachel.

tog rachel. Yurachel is the femslash ship between Ha Yura and Rachel from the Tower of God fandom.

Nella cima della Torre esiste tutto ciò che c'è nel mondo e tutto ciò può essere tuo.

The two share a number of similarities and bonded over them.

ToG Returning in Mid November.

Status of Relationship grrr i aspire to have tht level of story telling.

Yura does not seem to realize that Rachel is using her for her own gain, similar to how she used Khun Aguero Agnis and his friends. Rachel and Yura met each other through a mutual, Emile. Puoi diventare un dio. Tower of God (신의 탑?, Shin-eh tahp LR) è un manhwa e fumetto online a colori sudcoreano disegnato e ideato da Lee Jong-hui (in arte Siu), pubblicato in forma gratuita sul portale internet coreano Naver e, successivamente al grande successo ottenuto, tradotto in giapponese e inglese. Thank you _ _ Use Old Reddit!! Tired of her idol life, Yura figured out what she truly wanted with Rachel's help and decided to leave everything she had built up at home to board the Hell Train and help Rachel up the tower.

She could have just said, “Baam, stop following me, and im not dating you”.

Yurachel Also, for all we talk sht abt her, she is admittedly, good at something—namely using people. Ha Yura Rachel has always dreamed about seeing the stars. Rachel is my legal touchstone. Raggiungi la vetta e tutto ti apparterrà. sure hope that i can say that? Currently Tower of God is in the middle of drafting, and I am working hard to return Mid-November.

I am glad we are all on the same page now, i almost didn't post anything but then i got an idea like three hours ago and drew this, this was fun to draw i love galaxy backgrounds, im actually very proud of this i love how the lighting turned out, idk how i ended up drawing rachel so pretty lol, anyway this week was so fun im glad i actually drew for all of the days except 1 lol, sorry for being mia! Hi im here at this stand to defend my stance that rachel is actually an intriguing character and as much as i dont condone the sht she does, i dont hate her per se. Tower of God è stato un successo, una serie che è riuscita a dare linfa al mondo dei webtoon.I webcomic, infatti, sono una realtà che sta diventando sempre più popolare in tutto il mondo, complice anche siti come Line che raccolgono legalmente e finanziano gli autori per continuare i loro progetti. Be warned there very minor spoilers to Episode 12 of the anime! Ma quando debutterà Tower of God 2? Altho for me its not to the extent of always mulling abt it to the point of absolute spite and bitterness, i still get where she’s coming from.

For all that she whines abt not having the privilege to be as gifted as bam or the others, she genuinely is still trying to get up there w her pre-existing skillset; the ability to use people. Rachel be like “I know a spot” and then pushes you down once you are there, Rachel: I’m getting as far away from this place as possible. Khun: How do you do that when you’re already hard to want?

I believe, she a pawn for someone/something more sinister.

oh and i got into the tog calendar project!! ive been away and redoing my room. E voi, invece, quando pensate che debutterà Tower of God 2? (I know she supposed to kill him, which is even more depressing). And i think what SIU did was tht he took humanity’s flaws and exaggerated it—just enough for her to do despicable things but not too much it would seem way too 2-dimensional.

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