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Poorly written, confusing, and will have you sitting there like “what did I just watch?” But for Nick Robinson I’d do it all over again. God-awful. Looking for something to watch? With Krystal, he has pulled his aforementioned friends and colleagues into cinematic quicksand. TMDb A close second to Faughnan goes to former NBA star Rick Rox’s overplayed motivational softy posing as a tough biker, yet another caricature that goes nowhere. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer.

plays Krystal’s abusive ex-boyfriend; Taylor is haunted by hallucinations of the devil, who has the face of the man who killed his dog in a hit-and-run; Kathy Bates plays the owner of the gallery where Taylor works, and her character has terminal cancer. Both roles should be meaty and substantial. Krystal is a 2017 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by William H. Macy and written by Will Aldis. ETA: This list is getting long so I moved sections…. Too forced, chaotic and randomly eccentric to make for a fully engaging and cohesive emotional experience. (my passport is the name of my h®dd®¡✅es btw), Filme in denen ein Shot vor kommt, in welchem die Kamera von der Stoßstange aus im P.O.V über den Highway…, This is not your guilty pleasure/ secret love affair scene. Dawson can be a luminous-yet-tough love interest, but the believability gap is too wide and the hijinks are too aimless. | Rating: C+ Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Occasionally, William Fichtner pops up as a swearing, drugged-out doctor from a different movie. Have you ever watched a movie and thought the resulting entertainment experience you observed was beneath one or more of the actors or filmmakers involved, meaning it was lower than their talent or stature? Her role as Taylor’s well-meaning art gallery boss for Taylor is a glorified second mom role and the slight sage act we’ve seen her do in her sleep for the better part of two decades.

Accents? Robinson and Dawson are better than this.

|. Try as he may with a committed and showy lead performance, Johnson’s charisma can’t save this film.

This unfeeling farce of happenstance and mismatched oddities was written by Will Aldis, a guy with three straight-to-video credits, is nonsensical with its tonal swings. The trailer does not mislead. He sees her at the beach, where she asks him for a ride. Coming Soon. Worse. i rewatched jsut to make sure it was as awful as i remembered, and it was. Films with what's probably my favorite shot in movies: It's when we watch the highway fly by as the…. So baffling that it must be appreciated at least for its ability to defy all logic. Forgot your password? Lists are out there, but lately these occurrences seem to be a performer cashing in a blockbuster paycheck like seeing Anthony Hopkins in a Michael Bay Transformers flick. An aspiring young photographer finds himself caught up in a heady world of money, sex, and privilege when he moves to wealthy Long Island in the summer of 2008. The obvious metaphor pumps to life when Taylor meets a woman named Krystal (Rosario Dawson) on the beach asking him for a ride, or a phone to call an Uber. The film stars Rosario Dawson, Nick Robinson, T.I., Grant Gustin, Felicity Huffman, Macy, Jacob Latimore, Rick Fox, William Fichtner, and Kathy Bates. For anyone who’s seen Detroit, Sleight, and The Maze Runner, being the introverted sidebar tag-along buddy in a wheelchair is beneath Jacob Latimore, even by Collateral Beauty standards.

The plot isn’t that great, any viewer can guess the ending, and what’s coming next in the scene. Die Liste wurde am 02.08.2020 aktualisiert.

The spirited composer’s craft is finer than this film. Rosario Dawson Nick Robinson T.I. On another planet in the distant past, a Gelfling embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, and so restore order to his world. Fashioning itself as a coming-of-age dramedy, Krystal scratches out frank dialogue emoting on behalf of overly honest hearts. The moments of bonding between Nick’s Taylor and Jacob’s Bobby are flimsy and fleeting. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy A young man living a sheltered life develops a crush on an ex-stripper and joins her Alcoholics Anonymous group just so he can be in the same room with her. Upon meeting the woman of his dreams - an ex-hooker-stripper-junkie-alcoholic - he pretends to be in AA to try and woo her.

Amazon Prime Video Deutschland - Alle Filme, movies i'd use to describe my personality,,,, Every Film on My Passports I Haven't Seen. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Instead of emotional depth, “Krystal” delivers speed, making Taylor’s heart race, but never the audience’s. The subject matter is great and is showcased brilliantly in certain scenes. Instantly lovestruck and convinced their chance meeting is more than an accident even after a visit to the emergency room, Taylor works hard to court this woman with cockamamie attempts to look cool with alcohol, pot, and motorcycles.

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