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Oddball: I’m drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays, you know. Allied agents stage a daring raid on a castle where the Nazis are holding American brigadier general George Carnaby prisoner, but that's not all that's really going on. German tank commander: You… the American army! Col. Dumpkopf: [he understands] Ja, ja, versteh. Action, Certificate: GP And you’re chickening out! Oddball: To a New Yorker like you, a hero is some type of weird sandwich, not some nut who takes on three Tigers. KELLY’S HEROES – the best quotes EVER! Oddball: [Sliding along the gun barrel to look out a small window] It’s a mark six… And we’ve got it by the ass! Big Joe: Nah, give the .30-caliber to the hustler. I always watch this film every memorial day weekend and veterans day. Cowboy: God almighty, you guys smell like you fell into a dung heap! Pvt. Pvt.

Crapgame: Thanks! Drama. We’re not worried about the German army, we’ve got enough troubles of our own. Movie Material: Tommy Prince Was so Effective, Germans Believed he Was an Evil Spirit, The Effects of the Lonely Queen Still Seen Among the Trees of Norway, UC-47, Surveyed After a Century Lying on the Bed of the North Sea, E Company’s Bill Wingett, One of the Famous ‘Band of Brothers’, Passes Away, When The Egyptian Mamluks Crushed The Formerly Unstoppable Mongol Army, The Des Moines Class Cruiser – The Greatest Heavy Cruiser, “Closing down for ever, all the best, goodbye.” Last WW2 Germany Message Revealed, Best Warriors in the World – 5 of the Top Special Forces Units, Schindler’s List “Girl in the Red Coat” was Left Traumatized After Watching Herself in the Spielberg Movie.

Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. Huh? Film is based upon a true incident. Oddball: Well, yeah, man, you see, like, all the tanks we come up against are bigger and better than ours, so all we can hope to do is, like, scare ’em away, y’know. [the lone obstacle to the sought-after gold is a solitary tank guarding the bank]. Kelly gets him drunk and the intelligence officer reveals where there is more hidden gold behind enemy lines. Oddball: [looking at aerial pics of the a remaining bridge] Beautiful. Get yourself a bucket of grits! We’re just soldiers, right?

Big Joe: [still facing Kelly] Who’s in command? Big Joe: According to this map, we got a river to cross before we get into this town of yours. Oddball: Definitely an antisocial type. Crapgame: The band? During World War II, German Colonel Dankhopf (David Hurst) is captured by the Americans, but before he can be interrogated, an artillery barrage hits the camp. We will send a new password to your email. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and Many critics judged the film quite harshly, groaning about how it is inappropriate for a film to mix jokes and war. So let’s have a look as some more bizarre trivia from a fantastic film: Donald Sutherland became seriously ill during filming on location in Yugoslavia. Title:

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