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Besides, Georgia was the last of the original thirteen English colonies. Located in northeast Georgia, the mountain is known to the native Cherokee people as Enotah. The research center's library and archives hold the oldest collection of materials related to Georgia history in the nation. [16] In 1908, the state established a white primary; with the only competitive contests within the Democratic Party, it was another way to exclude blacks from politics. The state legislature may allow municipalities to institute local sales taxes and special local taxes, such as the 2% SPLOST tax and the 1% sales tax for MARTA serviced counties.

The court ruled that congressional districts had to be reapportioned to have essentially equal populations.

The villages of Bochorna and Ushguli are the highest permanent settlements in Europe at 2,345 and 2,100 meters above sea level, respectively.

Source: yahoo.com, image: wikimedia.org, In May 1886, John Pemberton, a Confederate Colonel, formulated Coca-Cola at a drugstore in Columbus, Georgia.

Georgia's workforce of more than 6.3 million is constantly refreshed by the growing number of people who move there along with the 90,000 graduates from the universities, colleges and technical colleges across the state, including the highly ranked University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and Emory University.[141].

The System includes 29 institutions of higher learning and is governed by the Georgia Board of Regents.

Founded in 1733 as a British colony, Georgia was the last and southernmost of the original Thirteen Colonies to be established.

Atlanta is the capital and most populous city of Georgia. [74][76] In the early 20th century, Progressives promoted electoral reform and reducing the power of ward bosses to clean up politics. The production of the wine was accidental.

The state has had 5 capitals: Savannah (1777-1785); Augusta (1786-1789); Louisville (1789-1807); Milledgeville (1807-1867); Atlanta (1868-present).

Source: 50states.com, Six Flags over Georgia is a popular theme park which as a matter of fact named for six flags that flew over Georgia. Each year Georgia serves as a host to the International Poultry Trade Show, the largest poultry convention in the world. The largest European ancestry groups are: In the 1980 census 1,584,303 Georgians claimed English ancestry out of a total state population of 3,994,817, making them 40% of the state, and the largest ethnic group at the time.

The whites dealt with this problem of potential political power by the 1908 amendment, which in practice disenfranchised blacks and poor whites, nearly half of the state population. Georgia is the nations number one producer of the three Ps–peanuts, pecans, and peaches. Republicans then controlled all three partisan elements of the state government. The ascendancy of the Republican Party in Georgia and in the South in general resulted in Georgia U.S. House of Representatives member Newt Gingrich being elected as Speaker of the House following the election of a Republican majority in the House in 1994.

[citation needed], Georgia state legislators have claimed that in an 1818 survey the state's border with Tennessee was erroneously placed one mile (1.6 km) farther south than intended, and they still dispute it. Georgia's six interstates connect to 80 percent of the U.S. population within a two-day truck drive.

You will be right at home in Georgia. On January 19, 1861, Georgia joined the Confederacy. It is said that these places were originally named after the Native American village of “Standing Pitch Tree, ” but the pronunciation was corrupted over the years. Along the fall region, which is nearly 100 miles (160 km) wide, sandy hills form a narrow, irregular belt.

For the TV series, see, Map of the United States with Georgia highlighted, It has been suggested that this section be, Largest cities or towns in Georgia (U.S. state).

Rock groups from Georgia include the Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Black Crowes, and The Allman Brothers. The word “tbili” in Georgian means warm, while “Tbilisi” would translate as “warm location.”, Georgia is still an underrated and unknown destination to many. Georgia is home to the largest Hindu temple in the United States, the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta, located in the suburb city of Lilburn. Georgia’s population in 1776 was around 40,000.

This makes Georgia one of the most ecologically diverse countries on Earth. [115] Movies too, such as Passengers, Forrest Gump, Contagion, Hidden Figures, Sully, Baby Driver, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Birds of Prey and many more, were filmed around Georgia. St. George is believed to be the patron saint of Georgia, and thus the name might have been coined by Christian reformers in the Middle Ages. [7] From 1802 to 1804, western Georgia was split to form the Mississippi Territory, which later was admitted as the U.S. states of Alabama and Mississippi. Let’s dig up some interesting facts about Georgia: 1. Southern Congressmen have attracted major investment by the U.S. military in the state. Chickamuga National Park is the site of the bloodiest battle in American history. Chehaw in Albany is a well known wild animal park.

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