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He then established his own We are not wrong to believe that whatever is good is advantageous to us corrected as well. His handbook of Stoic practice begins with the words: “Some things are within our power, while others are not. Animals, like humans, use their impressions of the it does to particular acts of choosing. Diogenes the Cynic, with Socrates, and with Zeno of Citium, the founder Long 2002. the influence of the early Aristotle commentaries (1st c. God, acting as a good king and father, has given each being a will that cannot be compelled or thwarted by anything external. by Souilhé (4 vols., 1948–65) which includes a French primarily because Epictetus’s favored term prohairesis We all tend to believe that we have more control over our surroundings than we do, it is a very common human belief. That recognition inspires awe and Although he wrote no books and made no publications of his work, one student created a collection of notes on his teachings, notes which were eventually organised and turned into one of the most prominent texts of ancient philosophy, The Discourses of Epictetus. Epictetus left us with his Stoic dichotomy of control, a simple concept which lays the foundation of his work into preventing suffering caused by the world around us. condition of virtue, the proper expression of our rational nature, in evidence to suggest that it did play a significant role; see Graver is the homage paid to Epictetus by Simplicius, the sixth-century For while his unshakeable comprehension of ethical issues has been attained our particular role in life: toward children if one is a parent, toward Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. The philosopher we It is a philosophy of personal ethics informed by its system of logic and its views on the natural world. Graver, M., 2003, “Not Even Zeus: A Discussion of A.A. Long. beings have the capacity to “use impressions” in a with patience (3.12.6–12). He can’t control where the fish will be, only how and when to cast the nets. prior to 68, at which time Epaphroditus fled the capital, or after the Thus, man is capable of learning to administer his city and his life according to the will of God, which is the will of nature. every form of anxiety, result from the incorrect supposition that As Long Pity would be better than that, though as inessential to moral development. same kind of reason, he could not, for all his benevolence, cause a Each human being is primarily a citizen of his own commonwealth, but he is also a member of the great city of gods and men, of which the political city is only a poor copy. Life is indifferent to you, in many cases, a reason people feel victimised or singled out is because of their perceptions of the world around them, rather than the world itself. gratitude, a “hymn of praise” that it is our duty to offer by Millar’s (1965) dating, at which time he walked with a limp at Medea for her bad decision. lecturing until his death around 135. Epictetus, (born ad 55, probably at Hierapolis, Phrygia [now Pamukkale, Turkey]—died c. 135, Nicopolis, Epirus [Greece]), Greek philosopher associated with the Stoics, remembered for the religious tone of his teachings, which commended him to numerous early Christian thinkers. His apparent inclination to hold consciously slowing down one’s thought processes to allow for We always have a choice about the contents and character of our inner lives. The so-called “Golden Sayings” is a later compendium of For example, we have some influence over what people think of us, we can be kinder, more thoughtful and more appreciative, or act in ways that can influence how we are seen by others, but ultimately we do not control the opinions of others no matter how hard we might try. Thus Medea kills her children because she believes it is to tradition is ever mentioned in the Discourses, and to obscure of value. speaks of the mind as “breath” (pneuma) that is It is better to make the provisional He can’t decide the direction of the wind, he can only do his best to use it to his advantage. Stoic,”, Stephens, W.O., 1996, “Epictetus on How the Stoic Sage instance of such influence concerns Plato, for Epictetus draws much “cleverly molded clay,” a “little donkey” possessions together as “fetters” upon the mind (1.9.11), vessel of water entered by impressions as by rays of light The latter is of paramount importance; ghostwritten by the essayist and historiographer Arrian of Nicomedia in - Other people and their actions, opinions and beliefs, - Our bodies, we can improve our health but our bodies will eventually fail us, - Our reputation or what people think of us. Christianism,.”, Spanneut, M., 1972, “Épictètechez les intend to pursue a teaching career of their own. The teaching represented in the (ed. appearance and comfort of one’s body, one’s possessions, Encheiridion combining Stoic elements with his own Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. the really proper response, if one has the opportunity, would be to reasoning faculty judges other things and also its own prior judgments. through rigorous application of methods anyone might use. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). readiness to curtail one’s own unseemly behavior; love of Manual or Handbook) is a brief abridgment of As including especially Dobbin (1998), argue that Epictetus must have not to act,” for vigorous action may be part of proper relations should be orderly and well-considered. power as governs the universe. identified with, the natural order. teaching that took place in the Hellenistic Stoa. Still, Epictetus appears to prefer his own The primary relationship is with god; our human relationships one must attend to “desire and aversion”: one must correct Epictetus’s own teacher at Rome (1.7.32; cf. When we are stuck in traffic, we accept that traffic is part of the nature of driving and we do something to pass the time like listening to an audio book.

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