cruelty sentence

His cruelty, his utter want of scruple, and his good fortune made him a terror to all Italy.

confided details of terrible cruelty and sexual abuse. But he also had the defects of his qualities, and could display on occasion a certain cruelty and callousness of disposition.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA): ASPCA has dog mill survivor stories sent in from members and website visitors. Among causes for absolute divorce are adultery, desertion for one year, habitual drunkenness for one year, cruelty, ungovernable temper, physical incapacity at time of marriage, and the joining by either party of any religious sect which regards marriage as unlawful.

Without evidence of animal cruelty, authorities cannot pursue a suspected mill. cruelty The cruelty offense is kept, but redefined to try to make interpretation by the courts easier. Extract: Since its beginning in 1824 the RSPCA has worked tirelessly to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals. She started using only so-called cruelty free beauty products, those which have n't been tested on animals. second, vivisection is probably the best and longest established form of organized, officially acknowledged animal cruelty. He was acquitted of cruelty, maltreatment of a subordinate and inde The habits of the military class are the absence of freedom, that is, discipline, idleness, ignorance, cruelty, debauchery, and drunkenness. But, in fact, serfdom naturally took the form of an ugly ownership of live chattels on the part of a privileged class, and all sorts of excesses, of cruelty, ruthless exploitation and wanton caprice, followed as a matter of course. He remembered his cruelty from the night and glanced at the couch.

But the prevailing impression we carry away after reading him is that in all his early satires he was animated by a sincere and manly detestation of the tyranny and cruelty, the debauchery and luxury, the levity and effeminacy, the crimes and frauds, which we know from other sources were then rife in Rome, and that a more serene wisdom and a happier frame of mind were attained by him when old age had somewhat allayed the fierce rage which vexed his manhood. After ages have held up Phalaris to infamy for his excessive cruelty. The master of the barbarians fell below the lowest Hellenic level when he put the brave Rhegine general Phyton to a lingering death, and in other cases imitated the Carthaginian cruelty of crucifixion. Children and adolescents with ODD do not exhibit the more serious aggressive behaviors or physical cruelty that is common in other disorders. The Secularist says that Christianity produced tumult and cruelty.

Here they met with a Portuguese half-caste who was reputed one of the greatest monsters of cruelty in that part of the country. His most severe measures were taken in cold blood, as part of his general policy; but his natural disposition was averse to unnecessary bloodshed or cruelty. With the unwelcome help of a French army under Marshal Catinat, he invaded the Waldensian valleys, and after a difficult campaign, characterized by great cruelty, he subjugated them. 50 31 The habits of the military class are the absence of freedom, that is, discipline, idleness, ignorance, cruelty, debauchery, and drunkenness. Some had heard of his great learning, and others had heard of his selfishness and cruelty. drug addict mother, Ruth, was jailed after admitting cruelty toward Rikki and two of his three sisters. 24) He is, so to speak, a bit too cruel to his wife. That so clear-headed a man could have credited the lies of Oates and the other perjurers is beyond belief; and the manner in which he excited baseless alarms, and encouraged fanatic cruelty, for nothing but party advantage, is without excuse. Cruelty towards others was not tolerated in the peaceful and kind school environment. He had made himself so well hated by his cruelty and vices that the Normans, forgetting their old hatred of France, had acquiesced in the conquest.

Feudal masters could not afford to act with the ruthless cruelty of slaveholders relying on government and civilization to back their claims to a complete sway over their human chattels.

Their government became paternal; and, though there was no limit to their cruelty when stung by terror, they used the purse rather than the sword, bribery at home and treasonable intrigue abroad in preference to coercive measures or open war. This violation of the Mosaic law and his continued cruelty roused the Jews, who complained to Augustus. Cette phrase n'est pas une traduction de la phrase originale. Italy was and ever has been a land of cities; and, ever since the downfall of Rome and the decay of the municipal system, the bishops of the cities had really been at the head of the peaceful and industrial part of their population, and were a natural refuge for the oppressed, and sometimes for the mutinous and the evil doers, from the military and civil powers of the duke or count or judge, too often a rule of cruelty or fraud. Something in the cruelty of the French Revolution may be ascribed to national character. Although at times he persecuted heretics with great cruelty, he tolerated Mahommedans and Jews, and both acts appear rather to have been the outcome of political considerations than of religious belief. The civilians, looking on him as a patriarch of their science, have as a rule extolled his wisdom and virtues; while ecclesiastics of the Roman Church, from Cardinal Baronius downwards, have been offended by his arbitrary conduct towards the popes, and by his last lapse into heresy, and have therefore been disposed to accept the stories which ascribe to him perfidy, cruelty, rapacity and extravagance. Pet Store Cruelty: The Pet Store Cruelty site has dog mill survivor stories of pet store dogs.

In the later part of his story Herodotus is dependent on the family traditions of Harpagus, whose treason is justified by the cruelty with which Astyages had treated him (the story of Atreus and Thyestes is transferred to them). ); the malevolence and cruelty of Edom on this occasion are characterized in similar terms by several writers of the exile or subsequent periods, but by none with the same circumstance and vividness of detail as here (Ezek. The thing is grotesque, vile, horrible; the very stones of the place seemed soaked with terror, Each one had some story to tell about the, Here, too, all were bitter against the useless, But Rhoda saw only emptiness, only life's, Reasoning in a sentence | Short example sentence for reasoning, Tsunami in a sentence | Short example sentence for tsunami, Abolish in a sentence | Short example sentence for abolish, Martyr in a sentence | Short example sentence for martyr, Big Day in a sentence | Short example sentence for big day, And Resources In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for and resources in a sen, Usurp in a sentence | Short example sentence for usurp, Concentration In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for concentration in a sen, Altar in a sentence | Short example sentence for altar, Heresy in a sentence | Short example sentence for heresy, Wanton in a sentence | Short example sentence for wanton, Brutality in a sentence | Short example sentence for brutality, Immorality in a sentence | Short example sentence for immorality, Inhumanity in a sentence | Short example sentence for inhumanity, Inhuman in a sentence | Short example sentence for inhuman, Ignorance in a sentence | Short example sentence for ignorance, Prejudice in a sentence | Short example sentence for prejudice, Injustice in a sentence | Short example sentence for injustice, Willful in a sentence | Short example sentence for willful, Maltreatment in a sentence | Short example sentence for maltreatment, Words to describe Cruelty | Cruelty Adjectives. It was not long afterwards that the dual kingship ceased and Sparta fell under the sway of a series of cruel and rapacious tyrants - Lycurgus, Machanidas, who was killed by Philopoemen, and Nabis, who, if we may trust the accounts given by Polybius and Livy, was little better than a bandit chieftain, holding Sparta by means of extreme cruelty and oppression, and using mercenary troops to a large extent in his wars. Bracton still speaks in his treatise of the possibility for the courts to interfere against intolerable cruelty on the part of the lord involving the destruction of the villein's waynage, that is, of his ploughteam, and in the Notebook of Bracton there are a couple of cases which prove that r3th-century judges occasionally allowed themselves to entertain actions by persons holding in villenage against their lords.

They were but a magnificent drapery of pomp and glory thrown across a background of poverty, ignorance, superstition, hypocrisy and cruelty; remove it, and reality appears in all its brutal and sinister nudity. agitation broke out, provoked by the cruelty of his lieutenants and encouraged by his Norman wife. The cruelty has not quite died out, but it is much rarer than formerly; and, generally speaking, the worst agrarianism has of late years been seen in the districts which retain most of the old features. The first Chinese coolies were introduced in 1849 to supply labourers on the sugar estates, which had begun to feel the effects of the suppression of the African slave traffic.

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