catiline orations pdf

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It was usually decreed on the) Tj 0 -11.52 TD -0.0365 Tc -0.0835 Tw (intelligence arriving of any great victory, and the number of days which it was to last was) Tj ET endstream /Parent 68 0 R Tj 0 -17.64 TD 0.0252 Tc -0.2886 Tw (He then proceeds to meet the Senate in the T) Tj 211.32 0 TD 0.018 Tc -0.308 Tw (emple of Concord, with) Tj -211.32 -14.04 TD 0.0219 Tc 0.9681 Tw (the ambassadors and conspirators in custod) Tj -0.0443 Tc 1.0343 Tw (y. 0000052615 00000 n /Length 47 0 R But the Gauls being intro-) Tj 0 -13.68 TD 0.025 Tc 0.005 Tw (duced, said that an oath had been administered to them, and letters given them by) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0277 Tc -0.0277 Tw (Publius Lentulus, Cethegus, and Statilius, for their nation; and that they had been) Tj T* 0.0025 Tc 0.1132 Tw (enjoined by them, and by Lucius Cassius, to send cavalry into Italy as early as) Tj T* 0.0277 Tc -0.0077 Tw (possible; that infantry should not be wanting; and that Lentulus had assured him,) Tj T* 0.0198 Tc 0.0102 Tw (from the Sibylline oracles and the answers of soothsayers, that he was that third) Tj T* 0.0106 Tc 0.1209 Tw (Cornelius to whom the kingdom of sovereignty over this city was fated to come;) Tj 0 -13.68 TD 0.028 Tc -0.028 Tw (that Cinna and Sylla had been before him; and that he had also said that was the) Tj 0 -14.04 TD 0.0143 Tc 0.0671 Tw (year destined to the destruction of this city and empire, being the tenth year after) Tj T* 0.0275 Tc -0.0233 Tw (the acquittal of the virgins, and the twentieth after the burning of the Capitol. 6 0 obj 0000068379 00000 n

Lepidus and Catulus were consuls the) Tj 0 -11.88 TD -0.0229 Tc -0.1888 Tw (year after the death of Sylla, and they quarrelled because Lepidus wished to rescind all the acts of) Tj 0 -11.52 TD -0.0188 Tc -0.2212 Tw (Sylla. Tj 25.92 -48.24 TD /F1 14.04 Tf -0.1126 Tc -1.5974 Tw (THE END OF SECOND ORATION AGAINST CATILINE) Tj ET endstream /Resources << >> /Resources << /Length 14 0 R 2450 0000047120 00000 n /Type /Page

/Parent 74 0 R Let them) Tj T* 0.0092 Tc 0.0658 Tw (not suffer the unhappy Catiline to pine away for want of them.


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28 0 obj << 51271 /F2 9 0 R endobj >> >> >> /Type /Page And also a supplication 1) Tj 0 -31.32 TD /F2 7.92 Tf 0 Tc 0 Tw (1) Tj 5.04 -11.88 TD /F2 10.08 Tf -0.0307 Tc -0.1613 Tw (A supplication was a solemn thanksgiving to the gods, decreed by the Senate, when all the) Tj 0 -11.52 TD -0.0199 Tc -0.2041 Tw (temples were opened and the statues of the gods placed in public upon couches \(pulvinaria\), to) Tj 0 -11.88 TD -0.0237 Tc -0.1992 Tw (which the people offered up their thanksgivings and prayers. >> /AvgWidth 477 0000068358 00000 n /F1 7 0 R /MediaBox [ 0 0 792 612 ] >> >> Why do these men wait? Show More. stream endobj Publication date 1894 Publisher ... PDF download.

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