Contrairement aux frameworks concurrents tels qu'Angular, la philosophie d'Aurelia est de respecter les standards Web officiels et les API DOM, ce qui garantit des performances plus nues car il est plus proche des API natives et possède très peu d'abstraction. on name of any new element, attribute, value-converter, or binding-behavior. Now you'll need to configure this documentation to show all code samples in your preferred programming language. Click that and be sure to select the language that matches your choice. This will build your app, creating all bundles in the process. If you run the app now, you should see something like this: Try typing into the input box and adding the todo. Let's add one more line. We're going to overwrite the App class provided by the skeleton. Machine Setup. Webpack is a bundler with built-in module loader. Thanks for taking the time to read through our guide. Here's our addTodo() implementation for reference: Well, we can now add todos, but we can't see them! If we fire up gulp watch again, we should now be able to see everything in action on our localhost:9000. This means that any time the view-model's todoDescription changes, it will be updated in the input's value property but also any time the input's value property changes, the view-model will have its todoDescription updated as well. If you've It allows you to write clean, modular JavaScript. It's a good idea after installing jspm to add your Github credentials. After consulting with Mr. If you like to see how I created it using an Ember components check out my Ember Component Examples post.

The framework follows simple conventions and is focused on web standards. To get started you must have node installed. We'll go ahead and create two new files, start.js and start.html in our src folder. Pour exécuter votre application Aurelia, à partir du même dossier, exécutez: au run - vous devriez maintenant voir une application hello world pleinement opérationnelle lorsque vous ouvrez votre application dans un navigateur Web. Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Blue Spire Inc. Code licensed under the MIT License. As a brief recap, remember that almost nothing we've done so far is Aurelia-specific. We can use href.bind to set the href to the routers href. I recommend the following courses from Udemy. In addition we created a simple method called start that displays an alert box. If your app failed to work with latest CLI bundler, please read migration guide.

If not, then please install the following CLI prerequisites: When installing Git for Windows, there is an option to use git bash only, run git from windows command prompt, or run git and included unix tools from windows command prompt. In this case it will be start.html/start.js Be aware the files will default to the src/ folder unless you otherwise specify it. You'll see just how clean and simple your application code can be and you'll learn several of the basic concepts and capabilities of Aurelia. The other binding disabled.bind="!todoDescription" set