amazed in a sentence

I’m amazed by the ease with which you solve the problem.

Drink this juice everyday and you will be amazed with the results. I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge.
27. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Follow this procedure for a month and you will be amazed with its results.

As the tailor never saw his subject,( it always, 140. I am amazed at the exceptional talent of you. When the devotional speaker said amen, Lois was. You will be amazed to find how difficult it is to remember all of them at the end of one turn. We considered Brooks' words carefully, 132. He was amazed by the specimen, which was very tough and six metres long. Everyone was amazed with his act. I’m amazed by the rate at which industries grow. Examples of Amazed in a sentence.
We are amazed at his progress. I am amazed at your boisterous behaviour. 3. I amaze myself with my cleverness. Do it every night and be amazed with the results. 131.

I was amazed at this news. But when Atalanta stood ready for the contest, he was amazed by her beauty. Ineffable realizations are experienced; and in fact, as we read about them, we can only be, 141. She approached the window, amazed at the snow, until her gaze fell to a figure kneeling like a dark gargoyle in the middle of the white lawn. I was amazed by the brilliance of Roses in a Jar by Marjorie Collins. Each day we discovered something new and were constantly, 146. I am amazed by your clarity of thought. : feeling or showing great surprise or wonder was amazed to hear what had happened was too amazed to react at first wearing an amazed expression on her face.

He was amazed and stupefied. 6. I was browsing through a carp baits catalogue and came out of the experience dazed and, 145. Amazed by the great temple, the tourist stood in awe of the beautiful building. 4. I am amazed at the exceptional talent of you. I was very amazed and happy to hear them.

Don’t be amazed at your good luck. You must have got amazed after seeing me on stage. We were amazed at your strange behaviour. I explained how that worked and he looked truly, 135. You will be amazed by the way it gives you relief. , Amazed by how quickly the runner lapped the track, the coach new he had a star. I was amazed and touched by the effort he made.

Be prepared to be amazed with the results. Caring for newborns often leaves parents, 147. shocked; stunned. I am amazed at your boisterous behaviour. His conduct amazed us.

Trust me you will feel amazed once you’ve hit your first target. I was so amazed that I could not prevent him. , Amazed at the night sky, the star-gazer spent many hours staring up at the stars in wonder. 5. You must give it a try and you will be amazed at its benefits. His enemies were so amazed that they gave up the chase.

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